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How We Work

We uncover the essence of your professional brand and your business by digging deep to identify your core values and mission. Then, through a comprehensive process, we help you show up in a way that conveys your message, fosters trust, and positions you confidently in your industry with authenticity and purpose.

1. The Connection Point

This is a 15–30 minute call designed for mutual exploration of goals and process to see if we’re an ideal fit.

2. Elevate & Illuminate

This is a two-hour deep-dive interview to identify business goals, mission, and unique needs. The goal is to create a personalized Elevation Plan for you with action steps.

Investment: $500* (applied to any subsequent Brand Package)


3. Artistry Unveiled

Based on Elevate & Illuminate findings, we customize one of three approaches or create an enhanced program to suit your needs.

Meet the Team

Three Options to Elevate Your Authority


For clients seeking foundational thought leadership support. This generally includes professional materials development, by-lined article strategy (topics and target publications), and podcast outreach. Enhance visibility for your point-of-view with our foundational authority marketing package.


Investment: $3,500* one-time fee for a six-week term


(*Elevate & Illuminate cost is applied to this).


Prepare to capture attention and elevate your brand to unprecedented heights. This comprehensive package may encompass a strategic framework for use across all communications touchpoints, media relations, contributor article creation and placement, editorial partnerships, speaking engagement programming, industry trade relations, awards programming industry landscape analysis, and strategic counsel.


Starting at $8,550*/month


(*Elevate & Illuminate cost is applied to this.)


This package is a comprehensive thought leadership intensive that includes communications strategy, key message development, contributor article creation and placement, LinkedIn content and acquisition strategy, select trade and podcast outreach, strategic counsel, and tailor-made solutions derived from our Elevate & Illuminate discussion. This package is a favorite because it’s crafted to meet the diverse needs of most of the clients we encounter.


Investment: $5,500* one-time fee for an eight-week term


(*Elevate & Illuminate cost is applied to this.)


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